Enterprise Solution

Enterprise Solution

Whether you are a large enterprise or small business having on-premise server can provide you with more flexibility and better control, which is why it is still a preferred solution for many organizations. Having your own servers means careful planning with maintenance, upgrade or migration. Our team of experts are here to help you with your next project.





Our Expertise

Our consultants have 15+ years of experience in working with on premise environment. This includes planning and administer, network management, troubleshooting complex environment, and implementing migration plans. We have worked on many mission critical projects and we understand the complexity of an on-premise environment. Our consultants are very familiar with network.

Skype for Business Server

Our consultants have worked with Skype for Business server since its inception in 2005 when it was known as “Live Communications Server (LSC)”. We worked on every version of the product since 2005 and can help you with any migration or deployment scenario. We are specialized in “Enterprise Voice” and “Unified Messaging” solution. If want to deploy enterprise voice or if you are integrating with existing PBX system look no further – we have experts that can help you with any project involving Skype for Business server. We have done integration projects involving traditional PBX, IP-PBX and SIP trunk, we can help you to achieve a true unified communication solution using Skype for Business.

Exchange Server

Our consultants have worked on Exchange server since it very early version – Exchange 5.5. We have worked with all the version since then including Exchange Server 2016. We can help you with deployment, migration and integration with Skype for Business. We can also provide performance analysis and Health Check for your Exchange Server.

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